Encoder-Series ACURO AC58 now with EtherCAT

Encoder-Series ACURO AC58 now with EtherCAT

Encoder performance from Hengstler that exceeds the industry standard – now available with the popular EtherCAT interface.

Hengstler extends the ACURO® AC58 product line with the widely-usedEtherCAT interface. The number of systems using this open, powerful, Ethernet-based system continues to grow at a rapid pace. With the availability of the ACURO® AC58, incorporating an EtherCAT interface, users can integrate one of the foremost absolute encoders on the market, into virtually any system that uses EtherCAT technology. This simplifies the design process and guarantees reliable communication. Hengstler’s ACURO® AC58 EtherCAT encoder is naturally attested by an official compliance certificate issued by the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG).

Extended temperature range, protection rating up to IP67, and extremely high shock and vibration specifications are just some of the outstanding characteristics of the AC58 EtherCAT. This flexibility makes the Hengstler ACURO® AC58 one of the most versatile encoders on the market. Its robustness specifications are particularly impressive. A stainless steel version is also available as an ordering option. This makes it suitable for use even in the harshest environmental conditions.

Values are updated with a cycle time down to 62.5 µs, making it one of the fastest encoders on the market, and allowing customers to implement highly dynamic processes. Device configurations like a residual value function for rotary indexing machines add to the range of application capabilities



Hot. Cold. Shock. Vibration. 
Hengstler Encoder Performance that exceeds the industry standard 
Now with EtherCAT interface.

We all know that no two industrial applications are alike. That’s why the Hengstler AC58 absolute encoder is available with an incredible array of different options and features, including 22-bit single-turn resolution. If our standard variants don’t meet your needs, then Hengstler is able to offer custom versions to fulfill your requirements. Extended temperature range, “Best in Class” shock and vibration ratings, and custom shaft sizes and shapes are just a few of the features we’ve provided our customers recently. This flexibility makes the HengstlerAC58 one of the most versatile encoders on the market, in addition to being one of the most robust.

Now the AC58 product line has been expanded by the addition of the popular EtherCAT interface. Use of systems employing this open, high performance Ethernet-based system continues to grow rapidly. By offering the AC58 with EtherCAT, users can now integrate one of the best absolute encoders on the market with virtually any system using the EtherCAT interface. This simplifies the design process and ensures reliable communications.

Some of the key product features include:

  • Single- plus Multi-turn resolution up to 32 bits
  • Cycle time of 62.5 µs
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Programmable resolution, presets, offset, direction, warning positions, speed scaling, acceleration scaling, speed limits, and temperature limits
  • Outputs of speed, acceleration, operating time and temperature in addition to position

“Best in Class” shock and vibration ratings