European leader in rotary encoders, counters, safety relays and printers – cutters production. Located in South of Germany with a branch in Eastern part of Slovakia. Employees 700+. Hengstler is well known worldwide for offering high quality products, wide network of sales and support agents, flexibility in prices and lead time, fastest service.

Product range:

  • ATEX Rotary encoders
  • Rotary Industrial Basic absolute encoders
  • Rotary Industrial Basic incremental encoders
  • Measuring wheels, couplings, connectors and cables
  • Counters
  • Relay
  • Printers and Cutters

North American leader in industrial rotary encoders and resolvers. Dynapar serves a broad portfolio of customers in Heavy Duty applications with the Northstar range of rugged encoders or supply Aerospace & Defense, Motorfeedback solutions and other industrial applications using analog resolver technology with the Harrow range of shafted or pancake wounded resolvers. Employees 250+

Product range:

  • ATEX and Hazardous Duty Rotary encoders
  • Rotary Heavy Duty absolute encoders
  • Resolvers
  • Motorfeedback encoders



CIS leader in encoder production. Designs and develops encoder since 1988 with a portfolio of products that can fit many customers requirements. Customer specific design can be realized in very short terms. One of a handful companies in the world who can offer high precision absolute linear encoders, angular encoders (absolute and incremental), smallest absolute (dia 19 mm) and incremental (12 mm) optoelectronic encoders. Employees 200+

Product range:

  • Linear sealed optical incremental and absolute encoders
  • Rotary optical incremental and absolute encoders
  • Miniature encoders
  • Magnetic encoders
  • Digital Read Outs

Posital Fraba Company from Fraba Group focus on encoder design and manufacturing. Strong and fast developing producer could offer very robust encoder solutions. Posital offer almost all Industrial Buses Interfaces such as CAN Open, CANlift, Profibus, Modbus, EtherCat, SSi, Parallel, Interbus, EtherNet, Powerlink, etc.

Product range:

  • ATEX Rotary encoders
  • Rotary Industrial Basic absolute encoders
  • Rotary Industrial Basic incremental encoders
  • Programming encoders
  • Measuring wheels, couplings, connectors and cables
  • Wire actuated encoders
  • Inclinometers

AK-Industries – Founded in 1998, AK-Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of sensors for measuring physical quantities, and more specifically in linear and angular sensors.
With over 15 years of experience, increasingly ambitious challenges are constantly reached for the most exigent clients, thanks to a motivated and dynamic young team.

Product range:

  • Rotary absolute and incremental encoders
  • Wire actuated incremental and absolute linear encoders
  • Inductive sensors LVDT
  • Linear potentiometers
  • Laser telemeters

SIKO | Measurement technology since 1963

The SIKO product portfolio includes a total of 5 product lines: These cover high-quality measuring technology (measuring devices and sensors for length measurement, angle measurement, speed measurement and rotational speed measurement) as well as positioning systems for industry and mechanical engineering. Company offer solutions for a wide range of different measuring tasks and applications – with a constant focus on the requisite accuracy in recording measurement values.

Working on your behalf or together with partner, Siko develop sensor systems for recording measurement values. The primary focus here is often on reducing setup times and optimizing manufacturing and production.

Product range:

  • Digital position indicators (position indicators / position displays) adjustment knobs and hand wheels (PositionLine)
  • Rotary encoders / encoders / incremental encoders, geared potentiometers and electronic displays (RotoLine)
  • Wire-actuated encoders / wire-actuated sensors / string pots (LinearLine)
  • Actuator drives / actuators (DriveLine)
  • Magnetic measuring systems – magnetic tape and sensors, absolute or incremental (MagLine)