• Self powered counter

    Fluid meter capable of performing fluid measurements while also providing the power necessary for those measurements would be highly desirable, as it eliminates the cost and inconvenience of independent power sources and batteries. The Hengstler Self-Powered Counter (SPC) is just such a product! SPC provides the benefits and advantages of a conventional, industrial fluid meter while supplying its own power, making it the ideal, cost-efective solution for harsh environments, especially where a power source is lacking. The self-powering feature also ensures that the meter can be replaced at any time without metering data loss. Main feature: Simple, innovative and cost effective, ATEX certification for Gas, No power supply required, Extreme shock and vibration resistant – 300 g shock, 20 g vibration, Most compact design of its class – 36.5 mm mounting depth – 28 mm diameter, Suitable for all fluid media types – water, gas, etc, Easy and fast field installation, Fraud protection, Various communication protocols available – NAMUR, HART,MBUS, Wireless. Applications: Electronic consumption data acquisition in custom gas meters for areas exposed to explosive hazards.

    Counter Type:
    Self powered counter, Fluid meter
    Measurements of the rate or volume of fluid flow water, gas, etc.
    Memory capacity:
    Communication protocol:
    NAMUR, UART, M BUS, I2C, Wireless
    Housing Ø (mm):
    Shaft Ø (mm):
    Vibration Resistance (10...150 Hz):
    10 m/s2
    Shock Resistance (6ms):
    300 m/s2
    Speed (rpm):
    up to 5000 (3000 standard)
    IP Protection: